Process based EIM

First let me state the obvious- any multi-user system that provides collaboration, records management and process automation is going to be difficult to implement. There are a lot of moving pieces and frankly no single road to success. You probably need help of some kind. As any educator will tell you "just reading about it" or getting the final result handed to you is not the basis for long term success.

The basis for long term success is based on a goal orientated process based on good governance (note: governance= innovation+ control - in that order).

Sometimes based on the stringency of your information governance plan you may need - or be able to get a way with - multiple systems. Again the number of systems and the depth of their integration is based on a complex calculus of innovation and control (i.e. governance). How this gets implemented depends on the goals.

There are essentially two types of implementation-

  • EIM The starting goal is a platform that will handle all information, including archived, across all users.
  • ECM There is an identified problem that you are attempting to solve.

Each of these projects will look different, however the success of either of these implementations have common core elements that directly affect the success of the project.

For most organizations they simply are not ready to succeed. They lack the in-depth knowledge of the best practices and the practical skill set to move each one of the six elements of success forward as a cohesive single organism.

As a former neuroscientist, I know how important and complex the brain is, yet how unaware people are of how much of their daily life that single organ controls.It is complex in its build but provides simple, unobtrusive control and coordination to the rest of the body. That is what I believe ECM should be when fully implemented. 

To help you get there Thinkdox has built out standardized Accelerator clinics. These private one-two day clinics will provide training using your (or your clients') specific problems. The expectation is that by walking you through the steps of solving each on of these "soft problems" for your ECM implementation or management, we can help you gain the skills for long term success.