Healthcare 2020

I don't know but I do know we need new data to make logical decisions.

There is an amazing debate occurring in healthcare right now. It is about what the role of the "healthcare" technologies are in care delivery. Unfortunately, everyone is obsessed with electronic healthcare records rather than the larger picture of information management and application portfolio management which seem to me, based on client conversations, to be the root cause of the problem. I might be wrong- and that is why I have built a survey (see the link below to share it widely). 

I am hoping we are finally reaching that point where people realize that just like every other industry, information management is a multi-application, multi technology problem.

Mary Pat Whaley has a really good blog on this called "Who's Listening to Our EHR Issues?"

To me it is already clear that the answer is no one - and the EHR vendors are putting gag orders to ensure that the public doesn't realize just how bad the product is!

The weekly is a great way to keep up the debate (here is the Sept 14th one with the EHR cusotmer gag rules articles)

While I like a good rant as much- if not more- then the next person. I also would like to be part of the solution. Unfortunately there is very little data available on what has worked, what is needed and what the priorities are across the various stakeholders in care, administration and IT.

So I have built a short 8 question survey to start the conversation. Please take the survey and share it as wide as possible. I will make the data public once there is enough responses to generate actual insight (I am guessing at least 1000).