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The use of an ECM/ERM system to house records reduces the storage footprint and increases the ease of finding the right record. 
For most organizations moving away from paper and email processes shows a positive ROI within 18 months [AIIM study].
Whether you are a tech company, manufacturer or business of any size, Thinkdox can help you build a strategy and implement the technology to support your strategy.

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Information Sources

Information Sources


Information storage and access control are key problems for most businesses. As cloud services such as Office 365 and Google Apps become the standard for email, communication, and content creation, the ability to manage information at the source becomes nearly impossible.

Managing the ever growing types of digital content while ensuring that legacy paper and historical files are reviewed and added to the information store where necessary is a top priority for most corporations. We provide strategic planning advice for managing all information sources so that you can keep up with the demands of business and stay ahead of your competition.

Information Sources

Software Tools


In this day and age, businesses need a technical platform that can manage information access and automate disposition based on the organization's regulatory and competitive environment. 

For most organizations this will require an ECM as a platform. Laserfiche is a top product that we proudly sell as the platform for information management.  

There are times when ECM is not the best option- or the only technology required for your information management platform. That is why we also provide guidance and partnerships with a variety of technologies that can meet any of your workflow or archive needs.  

Information Sources



Balancing the need for more efficient processes with access to the documents and records on any device requires a new approach to your existing processes.

In addition to the standard workflow, records management and classification services in the ECM, we provide additional services focused on optimizing processes from capture to archive or disposition. 

We go beyond just ECM because we know that without a full spectrum solution to information management, your chance of success is very low.

Information Sources



We understand that there are legacy technologies- and information sources that need to be part of the project. We also will provide the help and guidance to build a flexable solution that will accommodate cloud and mobile use cases.

Our goal is to provide you with the processes, change management strategy and technical pieces for your long term success. 

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We are willing to put the work in to ensure you have not only the platform but the know-how to maximize information to its fullest. We work continually with our clients to ensure that we have maximize their investment- in software and in trusting us.