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Educational institutes are struggling with keeping up with new technology while protecting the privacy of their students. The open forum and information sharing that a Google Apps or Office 365 provide are not necessarily the right home for student records nor school administration.
These complexities, along with budget concerns, can leave gaps in the protection of records and administrative workflows.

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Information Sources

Information Sources


Whether it is administration of a single university or a whole school board the line between private and public is increasingly blurred by new technologies. 

This complicates managing a wide array of processes that use or communicate sensitive information. Some parents and students are ready to go paperless while some are reluctant. Your processes must be flexible enough to manage the multiple types of inputs today, while you transition to digital processes.

As all of these changes to processes are occuring, you need to maintain long term records for students, staff and equipment.

Information Sources

Software Tools


As a Laserfiche ECM implementer we sell a premium records management system that is DoD5015.2 certified providing a robust repository to ensure records are handled properly. 

The real value comes from the workflow and connectors that allow you to streamline processes and automate classification and access to information. 

This base platform can be expanded to move to a completely paperless process that includes mobile approvals and capture of information to reduce waste and simplify approvals.

Our partnership with Infolinx, a physical records management software package that is fully integrated with Laserfiche, ensures that you have a single search and action portal for all workers.

Information Sources


Moving from paper processes for student records and administrative services to e-forms and workflow is difficult.

We have the experience with complex classification schemas that will speed your implementation.

We understand that getting records under control is a primary concern. We also know that the key to maximizing your investment is in how you move beyond just records.

We will devise a plan that gets your records under control quickly so we can plan the value driven projects. 

Information Sources



We understand the restrictions that school boards and universities have in both budget and IT resources. 

Our goal for our educational clients is to ensure they have a system that protects privacy yet allows administrative work to be completed with 21st century technology. 

This means reducing the bottlenecks in the bureaucracy and ensuring that they have the flexibility to manage any changes in the teaching environment.

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We are willing to put the work in to ensure you have not only the platform but the know-how to maximize information to its fullest. We work continually with our clients to ensure that we have maximized their investment- in software and in trusting us.