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Healthcare costs are growing quickly due in large part to increased administrative overhead; billing, communications, compliance.

In Canada approximate 12% of the cost of healthcare is due to "administration", in the US it is a whooping 25%. (Himmelstein,

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Information Sources

Information Sources

Managing the complex types of healthcare and administrative goals is difficult without a strong governance strategy.

Healthcare organizations of all sizes need a information management platform the can meet their needs for capturing and securing information. 

We provide strategic and technolgy advice and services.

For more information on how to build a better platform to govern information see

Capturing Healthcare Information
Information Sources

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For more detailed information on how ECM fits, see our Healthcare trends presentation


The key in medical sciences is recognizing that it is not necessary to move the sources of information out of their current sources:

It is the providing a single classification and cross platform workflow to make information visible as people work. Using an ECM platform you can align medical and billing codes across systems without altering user work habits. This will both simplify user tasks and reduce costly errors from mis-steps in medical processess.

With Laserfiche as the ECM platform, you can tailor the information available across all information sources based on the users needs and the regulatory rules.

The workflow and classification will provide out-of-the-box benefits to your administrative departments.

This provides a key control for many next generation use cases such as mobile access to health records and e-filing drug safety reports. 

Information Sources



We can help you develop the processes and classification schema that will allow Laserfiche to act as the presentation layer so information can flow to the right person.

We can help you design processes and rules that provide doctors, researchers and administrators with the right information when they need it—in a way that protects patients, information and the organization.

Our experience with managing physical records and co-ordinating physical and electronic records will ensure that all of the information is available, not just new information.

Information Sources


See how we have helped clients in the past. (see a sample)

Information is important for all departments in medical sciences but how and when information is presented is the key to success. You need a partner who understands both the clinical and administrative sides of your organization.

We understand the different uses for case histories, diagnostic results and transfer notes. We can help envision a system that has the flexibility to meet your demands for information and limits unnecessary risk.

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We are willing to put the work in to ensure you have not only the platform but the know-how to maximize information to its fullest. We work continually with our clients to ensure that we have maximize their investment- in software and in trusting us.