Capturing healthcare information


This short presentation shows how Laserfiche can be used to control presentation of information to both clinical workers and administrative workers. 


The role of ECM in healthcare information management

Managing Information in healthcare requires a complex blend of process management and analytical collaboration. 

The problem is that electronic healthcare records systems do not have the flexibility and metadata management features required to successfully provide a single platform that can be used across the hospital to access and secure information.

Healthcare organizations should be looking to augment their structured data systems; the EMR, ERP, HRIS, etc systems with a flexible system designed specifically for managing complicated text, images and workflow. 

We recommend Laserfiche as the information management platform.

It provides out-of-the-box tools to capture and sort documents, images and many other types of content. These can then be match to best practice metadata libraries such as ICD-10, CT-SNOMED and HL7 using ThinkDox's metadata library.

This means that care team notes, emails and written test results are held securely in a DoD 5015.2 certified information store. All while being linked and searchable based on patient information stored in EMR system.

The robust workflow can be used to automate hospital administrative tasks such as billing, certifications and human resource functions.