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Consolidating capture, workflow and information access control onto a single platform- and out of email provides real benefits to both your bottom line as well as reducing your risk of breach. Most estimates show that a move to an ECM platform can reduce revenue cycle times and routing headaches by 30% [AIIM].

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Information Sources

Information Sources


The key problem in today’s mobile first banking and insurance industries environment is ensuring that information storage is compliant with your regulators requirements and full auditability.

 As cloud services such as Office 365 and Google Apps become the standard for email, communication and content creation, the ability to manage information at the source becomes nearly impossible without a true records management system to track and control access.

We provide strategic planning for managing all information sources so that you can keep up with the demands of business and stay ahead of your competition.

Information Sources

Software Tools


As a Laserfiche ECM implementer we sell a premium records management system that is DoD5015.2 certified. Providing a robust repository to information handling is fully auditable and can be reported on without additional tools.  

The mobile capture and workflow option can provide your employees with the mobility and process efficiency they need. All while ensuring the information is stored in a robust, controlled location.

For those insurance, lending and banking clients who have long term paper archives our partnership with Infolinx, an physical records management software ensures that you have a single search and action portal for all workers.

Information Sources


Moving from paper processes for service delivery to e-forms and workflow is difficult.

We have the experience with classification and embedding audit trails in workflow that will speed your implementation. We can help you standardize the processes across the departments, reducing unnecessary delays in approvals.

We know that while records are important, the key  to maximizing your investment is in how you move beyond just records. We can provide a plan for expanding beyond records to a complete information management platform.

Information Sources



We understand that there are legacy technologies and documents that need to be part of the project – while still creating the flexibility to accommodate cloud and mobile.

Our goal is to provide you with the processes, change management, and technical pieces for your long term success. 

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We are willing to put the work in to ensure you have not only the platform but the know-how to maximize information to its fullest. We work continually with our clients to ensure that we have maximize their investment- in software and in trusting us.