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The potential benefits of an ECM system such as Laserfiche are clear for any not-for-profit. The problem is that just translating current processes into digital processes will not in itself provide a positive ROI. You need to optimize the processes to be more efficient. We can help you re-think and streamline processes while still ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Information Sources

Information Sources


Often the most difficult aspect of information management for non-profits is simply tracking documents. Whether you are charity, certifying body, or funding agency your information management challenges are unique from other sectors

The ever-changing roster of volunteers, employees and donors that are involved in board decisions requires labour intensive follow-up by staff. 

The vast amounts of historical information may stretch across multiple locations and be stored on back-up tapes or in bankers’ boxes.

Information Sources

Software Tools


As a Laserfiche implementer we sell a premium Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that is a robust enough to meet any of your regulators' demands yet flexible enough for you to manage on a day-to-day basis.  

The real value comes from the workflows and connectors that allow you to streamline processes and automate classification and access to information. 

Our partnership with Infolinx's a physical records management software, and multiple archiving vendors ensure that you have a single search and action portal for all workers, volunteers and partners. 

We can help you build a cost effective platform for all of your information- reducing your on-going costs and labor.

Information Sources


Moving from paper processes for records and service delivery to e-forms and workflow is difficult.

We can help you standardize the processes across your departments, reducing unnecessary delays in approvals.

We understand that getting records under control is a primary concern. We also know that the key to maximizing your investment is in how you move beyond just records. 

We can provide a plan for expanding beyond records to a complete information management platform.

Information Sources



We understand that there are legacy technologies and documents that need to be part of your environment long term– while still creating  the flexibility to accommodate cloud platforms that are cost effective solutions to your technology gaps.

 Our goal is to provide you with a roadmap to assess and manage all aspects of your information management strategy including the processes, change management, and technical pieces for your long term success. 

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We are willing to put the work in to ensure you have not only the platform but the know-how to maximize information to its fullest. We work continually with our clients to ensure that we have maximize their investment- in software and in trusting us.