Laserfiche training

As a Laserfiche implementer, we have over twelve years experience helping users understand how administer and use Laserfiche. 

We also know that finding the resources that you need for training new staff and expanding your Laserfiche deployment is difficult. 


For on-going training we recommend taking advantage of the Certified Professional Program (CPP) training from Laserfiche to start.

For our existing clients feel free to contact your account representative or use the contact form below and we will respond as quickly as possible. 

Just have a random question? You can always check to see if somene else has already solved your problem in the solution exchange. If you stilll have questions you can use the Laserfiche Answers site.

For advanced training we can get additional training from MCC Innovations, for our clients just give us a call or send us an email and we can provide you more details.

Still need help?

As part of every ThinkDox implementation we provide user training to get you started. If you need a refresher we can come back and on-board new users. 

Check out our on-demand webinars for more help on specific topics like forms building, workflow maintainence. 


Role based technical training

Laserfiche is an incredibly user friendly system, however the move from fileshares and paper to ECM is difficult. 

As part of our training program we can help ease the transition by providing role based on-site training that focuses on what a user does in Laserfiche for their job.

Contact us to learn more. 


Department focused change management support

Change is difficult, especially moving to a new way of working and finding information. As part of our implementation plan we provide our clients with a roll-out plan that includes department and role specific communication planning. 

As part of our on-going services we can help craft a plan and manage the user engagement past roll-out -whether we implemented the system or not. Our technical and consulting teams have experience with a variety of systems and can provide you with best practices to ensure that your system continues to exceed expectations.

Contact us to learn more.