Process optimization

An optimized process connects people to information better and faster.

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You can’t always measure "better" but you often know that what you have built is not better than before.

If you are not seeing the benefits from automating your processes let us review your processes and workflows for any inefficiencies or extra steps.

Often the workflow that seemed to make sense when you first moved to digital is not any easier then just paper.

We can help identify those roadblocks and build a plan for removing them. Whether those roadblocks are technical or "between the chair and the keyboard" we can provide you with guidance and solutions.

Sometimes the process just wasn’t actually clear until you automated it. Even if you went to the trouble of building out user journeys and understanding the user experience.WorkflowUXexample.png

Now that you know what the whole process is, we can provide you with the insight into how to further automate or even remove the steps that are still happening outside of the workflow.

Your system process map looks like this

The map accounts for the various stakeholders requests, allows for information to be routed appropriately.

The process actually is still happening like this


Sound like you? 

If you have descriptions of the business goals for you workflow and a BPM or workflow diagram we can review and provide feedback as part of a phone consultation - anywhere in the world for and ECM system. 

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Need more help?

We can do that too. We provide workshops and per day consulting worldwide. Contact us at info@thinkdox (or use the button below) to email ThinkDox directly and we will respond quickly. 

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