How We Are Different

Despite the fact that implementing an enterprise document and records management solution is a lot different from buying a photocopier, many of our competitors treat it the same way. We realize that successful implementations require Information Management, Change Management, Records Management, Project Management, and Records Management expertise.

Our Director of Operations and her team of experts will provide not only the EIM strategy but will provide the project management to ensure that the strategy is implemented appropriately. Our focus is on providing complete information management services. We want to be your partner for the long term, from helping you build the strategy to implementing the platforms and processes. This long-term partnership will ensure your immediate needs for an out of the box solution are met while having a plan that will accommodate growth and the inevitable changes that come from growth.

ThinkDox offers a complete range of software, hardware, and services relating to a paperless office environment. We focus exclusively on Laserfiche for electronic document/content/records software implementations and Infolinx for physical records management solutions.

We offer advanced Information Management and Certified Records Management consulting that will allow our clients to fill in some of the missing steps between their needs and their software. We also offer Professional Services for everything that we sell. On the hardware front, we sell servers and the full range of Fujitsu stand-alone scanners. Finally, we have our own conversion facility so we can convert paper, microfiche, microfilm, video, and aperture cards.

How We Do It

Most IT departments are overwhelmed with a cloud of overlapping and poorly understood project steps.

We help you take the complex mess of projects and tasks and simplify your information management strategy down to the core needs for your organization.

We then shape the strategic steps to provide guidance to organize information and how you manage it.

In today’s environment, documents represent the memory, coordination, and movements of an organization.

In other words, it is how you think, just like the brain.

The brain is amazing for what it allows us to do. It’s complex in its build but provides simple, unobtrusive control and coordination of the rest of the body.

Just like the brain, a good information management plan should automate the process so that information’s value is maximized—without being constantly managed.