Document processing with automated data capture and extraction.

An intelligent data capture and extraction solution that brings together machine learning, & advanced recognition capabilities into a single, enterprise-scale document capture platform to handle every type of document and every job size.


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Features and Benefits

Accuracy and Proficiency in one

A highly accurate and scalable document workflow platform. Abbyy Flexicapture intelligently captures, classifies, and transfers critical data from unstructured and structured documents to the right process, workflow, or decision engine.

Faster, straight-through processing

Content from documents entering through any channel, in any format, is automatically extracted, understood, and delivered, removing manual processing friction.

Smooth transactions, smart decisions

Leverage customer-provided data to accelerate transactions, make smarter decisions, and provide quick, accurate responses to your customers.

Data validation and control

Critical data fields, context, and entities are identified, validated, and automatically processed according to business rules and requirements. The system can be easily trained and uses ongoing machine learning for continuous improvements and cost control.

Integration with Business Workflows

ABBYY FlexiCapture smoothly plugs into corporate standards and information systems – RPA, CRM, ERP, BPM, ECM, and accounting systems – and makes business processes smarter, faster, and more responsive.

Control, predictability, and compliance

Gain full chain of custody reporting and management for fine-tuning of results, while ensuring end-to-end compliance with your process and security models.

Intelligent data extraction

By leveraging natural language processing (NLP) technology, you can now automate the identification and extraction of data from unstructured, complex documents along with structured and semi-structured documents. This helps to accelerate transactions while significantly reducing operating costs and errors.

ABBYY Named 2021 Technology Leader of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) in the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix

Integration with Laserfiche

ABBYY FlexiCapture is a data capture add-on for Laserfiche that automatically identifies documents, captures business-critical data contained in them, and delivers the data into Laserfiche repositories and workflows. It replaces costly and inefficient manual operations with transparent electronic processes—reducing the cost of operations, shortening time to revenue, improving predictability and ensuring compliance.

Abbyy FlexiCapture improves production costs

Business process outsourcer vastly improves production costs using ABBYY FlexiCapture.

Eighty percent of business data is trapped in unstructured formats such as documents, emails, images, and PDFs. The speed and accuracy of the way that data is processed impacts costs, decision-making, employee satisfaction, and customer experience. Automating document capture enables employees to work on higher value tasks, significantly reduces errors with less manual handling, and expedites business processes. This leads to happier customers and employees.

Client Testimonial

“Manually entering this data created big inefficiencies. Our mandate was to streamline this process so each entity could capture and verify invoice information for export into PepsiCo’s ERP system – which also meant the product would require full SAP integration. Fortunately, we had gained expertise in all this from an earlier project, where we became acquainted with a solution for automating form capture: ABBYY FlexiCapture.”
Jignesh Patel

Sr. Imaging Dept. Manager, PepsiCo Imaging Technology

“On an annual basis, we have saved over £100,000 in production costs thanks to a variety of features in FlexiCapture.”

Colin Baterip

Managing Director, e-docs UK