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With a commitment to innovation and passion for transforming the way organizations work, we take pride in offering cutting-edge paperless technologies that empower your organization to thrive in the digital age.


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About US

Who We Are

ThinkDox is Canada’s leading Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Automation Solutions provider. We are dedicated to simplifying, organizing, and automating your operations and our excellent software and service support has won us 22 Laserfiche Winners Circle Awards.

With ThinkDox, you’ll discover a trusted partner committed to guiding you into a future where ‘paperless’ isn’t just a dream – it’s your everyday reality. We guide our clients through challenges, always following three key principles:

Simplify. Organize. Automate.

ThinkDox is OECM’s Awarded Supplier Partner

ThinkDox has won 21 Laserfiche Winner’s Circle Awards

ThinkDox is one of the top Laserfiche implementers in the world.

  • Innovative Paperless Technologies
  • ALL in one Solutions
  • Outstanding Customer service
  • Highest client Retention rate in the western hemisphere
  • eco-friendly solutions

Our Vision

 At ThinkDox, we envision organizations to work in a paperless environment. Through cutting-edge technologies such as document management systems, business process automations, and digital signatures, we envision a world where businesses can thrive in the digital age, unburdened by the constraints of paper and manual processes that cost them time, money, and energy.

Together, we’re shaping a sustainable, future where ‘paperless’ is the new standard, and operational excellence is within reach for every organization that values a sustainable future.


“At ThinkDox, our number one priority is providing outstanding customer service to our valued clients. Since 2002, ThinkDox has served as a trusted partner in helping our clients achieve secure, state of the art records management and automation solutions and outstanding, reliable customer support.

You can count on ThinkDox to help you as you navigate this world of rapid technological change and we look forward to working with you to provide the ideal solution for you.”

Frank Macdonald

CEO, ThinkDox Inc.


ThinkDox simplifies complex processes by leveraging intuitive user interfaces, intelligent workflows, and automation. We make it easy for our valued clients to navigate the digital landscape, reducing the burden of manual tasks and complexities.


Our approach involves the meticulous organization of digital assets, ensuring that your data is structured, accessible, and secure. ThinkDox helps our valued clients categorize, index, and manage information, enhancing clarity and efficiency.


We empower our valued clients to automate routine tasks, eliminating errors and reducing operational costs. ThinkDox can integrate our solutions seamlessly with your systems to create a dynamic, self-regulating environment, where manual interventions become the exception rather than the rule.

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