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Frequently Asked Question

How can ThinkDox benefit my business?

ThinkDox offers several softwares and services such as moving from physical records management to electronic records management and business process automations that can speed up your daily work. This can lead to increased productivity, efficiency, and data security for your business.

Does Laserfiche offer integration with other software?

Yes, Laserfiche supports integration with various third-party software applications out of box, including MS Office, Teams (both on prem and Cloud) and Sharepoint (Cloud only).  This integration helps streamline workflows and enhances productivity by enabling seamless data exchange between platforms. There are also tools available to build custom integrations such as API, Laserfiche connector and SDK. Laserfiche also partners with iPaas software subscriptions, Boomi and Mulesoft, to easily build connectors between many common 3rd party applications.

Does ThinkDox offer training and support for all these different softwares and services they offer?

Yes, ThinkDox provides comprehensive training resources and support for customers utilizing integrated solutions such as Laserfiche, OneSpan, Gimmal Physical, and Abbyy FlexiCapture. Our team offers training sessions, user guides, and ongoing support to help organizations maximize the benefits of these integrations and optimize their document management processes.

Can we customize the different business automations to suit our organization needs?

Yes, we can customize business process automations to adapt to your specific organization requirements. You can tailor settings, permissions, forms, and workflows to align with your organization’s processes and preferences, ensuring a personalized and efficient document management experience.

What is Gimmal Physical?

Gimmal Physical records management is a software for managing physical records and assets within organizations. This browser-based solution helps you achieve compliance and ensures timely access to records and information across the enterprise.


What are the Conversion services offered by ThinkDox?

Our Conversion team has extensive experience in the efficient digitization of drawings and maps, covering various dimensions. When you ship your documents to us (you can also choose to have us pick them up), we label and index them, and use high quality technology to scan these. Once scanning is done, these are uploaded as text-searchable files in the format you prefer, making it easy for you to find what you need.