Conversion Services

 Welcome to the future of document management with

the ThinkDox Conversion Team. We’re not just converting

documents; we’re making your processes more efficient,

secure, and ready for a digital era.



Our team has extensive experience in the efficient digitization of drawings and maps, covering various dimensions. If there is any specific aspect in which we can collaborate or if additional questions arise, we are available to provide the necessary support.

Easy Document Pickup

We keep it simple. You can either choose to have us pick up your boxes/documents, or you can ship them directly to our advanced facility.

Document pickup Service by ThinkDox
Document Labeling Service at ThinkDox

Precise Labeling/ Indexing

Once your documents reach us, our detail-oriented team takes charge.

We label, organize, and index everything based on your name and the number of boxes. It’s all about keeping things secure and confidential.

High-Quality Scanning and Checks

We use top-notch technology to create high-quality digital documents.

Our trained technicians pay close attention to detail, fixing any issues like lines or double feeds during scanning.

Every scanned image goes through a quality check to make sure it’s just right. If there’s any doubt, we review and rescan to ensure perfection.

Scanning and Check Services by thinkDox
Safe File Upload by ThinkDox

Safe File Upload

Security is a priority. Our files are encrypted for your peace of mind.

We provide text-searchable files in the format you prefer, making it easy for you to find what you need.

Integration is smooth – our files fit seamlessly into various formats. And if you’re using Laserfiche, we’ve got you covered for a perfect integration.