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Since 2014, ThinkDox has helped the Municipality of Bayham evolve from a paper-dependent organization where limited resources were spent on manual, repetitive tasks to an award-winning municipality that manages information and processes in innovative, efficient ways.

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A small municipality nestled in the heart of southwestern Ontario, Bayham is known for its beautiful Lake Erie shoreline, agricultural roots and innovative municipal culture. The organization’s electronic document and records management journey began in 2014, with the arrival of its new CAO, Paul Shipway.


Paul realized that for Bayham to excel in the 21st century, it needed to move away from paper. He also realized Bayham was going to need an enterprise content management system that was designed to support process automation and records management out-of-the-box.


He immediately chose Laserfiche as the software. After checking references and meeting with ThinkDox president, Frank MacDonald, he decided that ThinkDox was the right partner to help him not only with the initial implementation but also as Bayham’s electronic document and records management system needs evolved over time.

“ThinkDox Inc. is agile and responsive to the specific service requests the Municipality seeks. ThinkDox Inc. provides the Municipality timely, situation specific assistance, not formulaic feedback.”

- Paul Shipway, CAO, Municipality of Bayham

Based on his previous experience and the questions that ThinkDox was asking him, Paul knew he couldn’t just jump into setting up software and hope for the best. “When I got to Bayham, the infrastructure was ready for an upgrade,” says Paul. “My priority was the ECM, but I understood that to show value to Council and the other stakeholders, we needed to start with the infrastructure upgrade.”


Getting it right the first time was key. A busy clerk or treasury staff member would not use a system if it did not introduce any time savings compared to paper and email.


Bayham undertook the first step of the project themselves. “The first thing I realized was that we needed to understand how paper moved through the entire municipality,” Paul says. This entailed mapping processes and defining the format of the process inputs and outputs.


Paul then took advantage of the technical expertise of ThinkDox to build the workflows. This saved time and effort by ensuring that the classification, repository, and modules matched what Bayham needed and would achieve the hoped-for results.


In 2017, the Municipality of Bayham received the E.A. Danby Award for performance and innovation. In 2019, the municipality received the John Niedra Better Practices Award, showcasing the ingenuity of municipal employees.


Paul and Bayham continue to innovate on their Laserfiche platform and ThinkDox continues to support their efforts with deep expertise and suggestions of strategic changes and plans that will keep Bayham ahead of the curve.

“A focus on knowledge as a strategic asset is important because improving the management of this asset can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of public sector organizations and help these organizations meet the challenges of the future.”

- Paul Shipway, CAO, Municipality of Bayham

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