Paperless Technologies for the Healthcare Sector


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Challenges Faced by Healthcare Sector

Inefficient Records Retrieval

Retrieving patient records impacts the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. Running tedious tasks and not having access to information right away is the biggest challenge faced by healthcare staff these days.

Filling Out Intake Forms Manually

Patients have to sit in the doctors’ waiting room filling out tedious enrollment forms.

They also have to bring their piece of IDs and insurance cards.

Eliminating Manual Data Entry

Manual data entry is prone to errors, leading to inaccuracies in patient records and potentially compromising the quality of care. Procuring everything needed for patient care — including pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and equipment takes time and manual work.

Storage of Confidential Patient Records

Official documents and patient records have to be securely stored in the healthcare setting. Getting access to these files and records becomes challenging outside of the hospital premises and hence important tasks get delayed.

Lack of Collaboration with Staff & Patients 

Siloed information hampers collaboration among different healthcare departments, hindering overall operational efficiency. Effective communication with patients, appointment scheduling, and sharing important healthcare information can be challenging.


Slow Approval Processes

Healthcare staff handles sensitive data and ensures data security and privacy compliance are met and reach the right person for fast approval. This often becomes a challenge on days and weeks when there is a heavy flow of patients or when the approving staff is not physically present.

Pourquoi s'associer à ThinkDox ?

Healthcare is a fast-paced industry dealing with unique challenges in managing information. PensezDox has been working since 2002 with organizations like yours to overcome these challenges.

Secure cloud-based storage

Documents and records are stored securely in the cloud instead of personal devices. The healthcare staff can manage and retrieve them from anywhere with an internet connection and send it to the concerned person without delay.


Automating manual processes

ThinkDox enhances efficiency by offering seamless communication channels within the platform.

By automating everyday tasks, such as seeking approvals, filling out forms, and uploading documents, healthcare staff can remain on top of the important tasks that need their attention.

Data cloud backup

Regulatory Compliance

ThinkDox customizes software solutions that feature automated compliance checks, audit trails, and secure access controls. This helps healthcare providers maintain compliance effortlessly, reducing the administrative burden and minimizing the risk of regulatory violations.

This ensures that decision-makers have instant access to the data they need to make informed choices.

Say Goodbye to eForms that go nowhere

Paper-based forms and manual processes in a fast-paced organization such as healthcare delay the overall day-to-day operations and cost your organization time, money, and labor.

By transforming to digital, paperless technologies, you can save all these inefficiencies and improve productivity within your organization.

What makes Laserfiche truly unique is its ability to integrate eforms records into your digital repository.

Say Hello to Document Management and Process Automation

By transforming to a Document Management System and automating routine tasks such as seeking approvals, filling out forms, and providing treatment plans, ThinkDox significantly reduces the administrative burden on the staff. This leads to streamlined workflows, quicker decision-making, improved overall efficiency and reduced patient handling time which is the ultimate goal of any healthcare practice.