On-Demand Webinars

Information management requires a great deal of work to be successful. For most organizations, they simply do not have the resources to dedicate to understanding all of the best practices, change management techniques, and software tricks that are necessary for success.

At ThinkDox, we want to help you be successful by providing some basic information management tips and tricks.

Using Forms and Workflow for On-Boarding

One of the hardest things to do is capture information. In this webinar, we use a simple Laserfiche form to automate information capture.

Using this simple upload form, we can start the process of moving departments from paper- or email-based capture to automated processes without disrupting productivity.

For Laserfiche ECM users, we can provided the forms, processes, and metadata templates that were used in this video. Just contact us.

Goal-Based Requirements: Bring UX to ECM

Once you understand the basics of building a form, the potential of Laserfiche for process automation and efficiency opens up.

In this webinar, we introduce some of the process design elements that we use when designing forms for ourselves and for clients.

Forms-Based Information Capture

Once you have a plan for how your processes play out within your organization, it is time to start modeling the process in the system.

This webinar goes through the basics of Laserfiche Forms and using its BPMN engine to model processes of all kinds.

Automating Metadata and Notifications via System Workflows

One of the most difficult decisions in designing a process is between using the scripting-heavy workflow or the BPMN engine (a.k.a. Forms) to manage the notifications and task management. In this webinar, we compare and contrast the advantages of Workflow versus Forms and provide some simple tips and tricks on where Workflow can successfully be used to automate processes.