White Papers

Implementation White Paper

Whether you are implementing a new ECM or need to reboot the user adoption of your current ECM system, this white paper has tips and tricks that can help you keep the focus on the implementation factors that lead to success.

This step-by-step guide outlines the process that ThinkDox uses with its clients to implement Laserfiche. This project map has also successfully been used for many other systems including Office 365, SharePoint, and many other related information management technologies.

It changes the focus from the technical steps—which vendors and VARs often handle with great efficiency and skill—to the items that you as the IT or ECM project team need to be able to handle or at least provide the implementer with high quality information.

One of the most difficult steps in the Laserfiche application cycle is backing up and maintaining the integrity of the system. This white paper pulls together the best practices from across Laserfiche VARs and users in every industry.


Digital Signatures White Paper

The move to digital is always filled with issues. One of the key issues is how to replace “wet signatures”.

We have developed this white paper to further define what the challenges and the possible solutions are for the processes and compliance issues that require signatures.