Organizations of all sizes and types struggle with information. A recent survey reported that greater than 80% of all organizations see information management as a key strategic initiative. However, over half of those companies rated their current information management capabilities as poor to very poor. If you are like more than half of the companies surveyed, getting started and articulating the value of information management is a real challenge [Hausmann, Procedia Technology 16 (42-51)].

Organizations that do understand the value of information and can make it clear to upper management and end users will have a competitive advantage over their peers.

How to gain an advantage?

The usual mantra is “adopt best practices” throughout your organization. While the best practice frameworks exist in information management, they are often so generic as to be impractical for anyone but fully certified practitioners to implement and manage.

If you are like most organizations, you probably are not looking for a long-term consulting engagement, but rather a clear understanding of what information is actually provided to you in a practical, focused manner.

ThinkDox has identified six key areas where organizations need further training to accelerate their information management programs.

These are key strategic areas that we have identified for your information management success. See the sample statement of work documents for more information on each area.

We provide clinics, consulting, and on-going service on all of these areas – and more.

Clinics and Workshops

We believe that the best way to accelerate your understanding of information management is solving a real-world problem using the best cross-industry practices. We use an intensive one to two day training program that will not only increase your understanding of information management practices, but also the practical solution to an existing problem. We have standard cost-effective clinics and workshops for each of the subjects highlighted above.

Information Management Consulting

Even with the knowledge of what to do and how we do it, sometimes you need additional resources to lead the effort or simply bring an outsiders’ perspective.

When you get to that point, contact us about your information management problem and we can help.

We cover all aspects of information management including:

  • Defining and gathering requirements for the organization (user surveys, technology needs, etc).
  • Reviewing and recommending policy changes to keep up with changes in technology.
  • Matching policy and retention schedules to ensure information is always managed appropriately.


As an ECM implementer, we have a great deal of experience with project management and process automation that you can take advantage of as part of your move to any of the software products that we sell.

We can also provide project management for other information management products.

On-Going Support

For our Laserfiche clients, we have a detailed explanation of our services here.

Even if we can’t convince you to adopt Laserfiche as your platform, we still want to help you maximize your information management technologies. At ThinkDox, our goal is to be your long-term partner as you build and implement your information management strategy.

We recognize that this is not a one-time—or even a one project—kind of strategy. As you upgrade or expand your use of technology, we can help you evaluate how that affects everything from your policies to your internal app. dev. management.

ThinkDox can provide customized advice based on a single consistent strategy that we can help you develop.