Accelerator Clinics

What is an Accelerator Clinic?

ThinkDox has identified six key areas where organizations need further training to accelerate their information management programs.

We will provide the training in the form of a private clinic.

We believe that the best way to train key personnel is to provide the methods and best practices in the context of real world problem that they need to solve.

This intensive one to two day training will not only provide you with a greater understanding of information management, but will also provide a detailed guide to solve an existing problem.

You can see a sample of deliverables here.

Core Accelerator Clinics

Each of these clinics is facilitated by our consulting team. They will bring a mix of practical experience and IT industry analysis to each of the clinic topics.

Each of the clinics can be done independently, but we recommend starting with the information management framework with these two workshops:

Build an Information Strategy

This one day clinic will guide the client through four steps:

Assess current state of information sourcesOptimize policy and processDefine required technology to maximize value of informationOptimize policy and process

Clinic deliverables:

  1. A draft business case including project risks and opportunities based on your industry as well as any specific items that came out of the workshop.
  2. A draft set of retention policies that can be applied across all information sources (e.g. email file shares, ECM).
  3. A high-level roadmap for technology adoption based on your current state and the realistic needs for your organization.
  4. A customized set of metrics to evaluate the value of information sources as an asset.

Select an Appropriate Information Governance Framework

This two day clinic will guide the client through four steps:

Understand the IGRM frameworkPlan the next stepsDefine the stakeholdersPlan the next steps

Clinic deliverables:

  1. A draft charter that contains the specific information governance values that you organization has defined or has been defined based on industry best practices
  2. A specific list of action items to start your information governance program.
  3. Customized KPIs based on your current starting point and industry requirements for compliance. These KPIs represent the goals of your information program.
  4. A set of templates and easy to use tools to record and communicate with stakeholders and project members.

Once the information governance and management framework has been defined, plan for how information will be created and communicated.

Select the Right Productivity Platform Based on Your Information Management Plan

This one day clinic will guide the client through four steps:

Define the current state of productivityIdentify the business needsDevelop an action planPlan the next steps

Clinic deliverables:

  1. A recommendation on which productivity suite, such as on-premise, Office 365, or Google Apps, is most appropriate for your organization.
  2. Draft project plan for moving, communicating, and integrating the productivity suites into the information management strategy.
  3. A set of risks and mitigation strategies specific to your organization based on workshop feedback and industry requirements.
  4. A list of recommended changes in infrastructure or information management practices that should be considered to ensure success of the productivity recommendations.

Move to Paperless Processes Through User Journey Mapping

This one day clinic will guide the client through four steps:

Identify the goals and needs of the organizationDefine the stakeholdersEvaluate how users currently workDesign user journeys based on business requirements

Clinic deliverables:

  1. A draft project charter that contains the guiding principals that will be used to choose which process should be automated.
  2. A list of likely stakeholders and their potential role within the project.
  3. An understanding of how user experience exercises can be used to build a better process map.
  4. A set of templates and easy to use tools to record the user information and communications.

These four clinics form the basic core aspects of information management that every organization, in every industry, should have planned.

Additional workshops are available in archiving, assessing content value, and implementing disposition and retention schedules. These workshops are highly industry specific. If you are interested, please visit the Contact Us page and get in touch.

What You Are Buying

These clinics go beyond the technology issues and provide best practices on how to overcome the larger organization issues including user communication, process planning, and capacity management.

In short, you get a complete guide to improving your organization’s information use, handling, and storage.

Each of these clinics includes on-site facilitation plus the templates and documents to move forward after we leave. The cost of the clinic includes a negotiated number of hours of service of phone and email engagements with the facilitator to help you complete the documents where there are gaps to be filled after the workshop ends.