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Electronic Records Management

We support and recommend using Laserfiche ECM for electronic document/content/records software implementations. We offer a range of integrations and customizations, including AutoCAD, ESRI and a host of other products, many of which are pre-made, but we can also customize software to meet our clients’ specific needs.

For organizations interested in hosted or cloud models, we can provide country-specific models to ensure information security and privacy models are honoured.


Physical Records Management

For organizations that cannot or do not want to digitize all of their physical records, we also sell, implement, and support Infolinx. Infolinx is an enterprise physical records management software solution.

Why Consider Infolinx?

  • State-of-the-art, “best-of-breed” physical records management system specifically designed to manage the entire life-cycle of physical records.
  • Numerous enterprise level implementations with organizations in both the private and public sectors.
  • Reputation for stellar customer service throughout the duration of the client relationship.
  • Contemporary relational database including extensive stock reporting as well as unlimited ad-hoc query and report capability.
  • Extensive retention and destruction functionality including integrated legal holds.
  • Records warehouse support, request functionality, multiple locations, inventory reconciliation, and portable caner integration.
  • Integration with Laserfiche and SharePoint.

Infolinx was created and began developing and providing records management solutions in 1987. Their software can be part of any EIM platform. Infolinx includes financial services, educational, healthcare, pharmaceutical, as well as multiple levels of government all across North America.

For more information, please go to their website.

And More …

We recognize that information management technologies are evolving and constantly changing. We are constantly evaluating software vendors to partner with to ensure that our clientele can take advantage of our services for all of their electronic information management needs.

As part of our consulting service, we stay ahead of the trends in technology. If you have a need for archive, compliance software, cloud productivity, or any other piece of the technology stack, just head to the Contact Us page.

We have a growing list of contacts at different EIM vendors. If you need additional products, we can help facilitate the purchase and implementation.